12 FEBRUAR 2018

Dark Web’s largest cybercrime group indicted after stealing $530M

By Waqas on February 10, 2018

Infraud organization is the largest group of cybercriminals on Dark Web – Their official motto is “In Fraud We Trust.”

After managing to steal over $530 million, a cybercrime ring has finally been hammered by US law enforcement authorities and its 36 members have been indicted. The accused have close ties with the globally active identity theft ring, which was referred to as the “one-stop shop for cybercriminals.”

The group dubbed as the Infraud Organization was established in 2010 and used to sell stolen credit card information on the Dark Web. The organization believed in the motto “In Fraud We Trust.” The group ran an online buy and sell forum where not just stolen credit card numbers but Social Security Numbers, bank account numbers and similar other private and confidential data was bought and sold, explained the US Justice Departmentcontinued