Corporate Domain Namen

Domain name portfolio and DNS management

Management of your company domains and critical DNS-infrastructure globally to help you steer and position your business interests online – securely.

We consult with you to assess and develop your company’s online strategy, regularly maintain your domain-name portfolio, and help protect your digital brand, products and services through our global DNS infrastructure.


  • With an efficient, secure and modern Domain-ERP.
  • Efficient domain name portfolio management with cost/benefit analyses.
  • Worldwide registration of new domain names.
  • Transfers from the previous service provider without significant effort on the customer’s part.
  • The registration of all domain names in over 1600 TLDs (ccTLDs, gTLDs, new gTLDs) is done with our modern and secure Domain-ERP.
  • We also support small and medium enterprises who would like to register a domain name in a country requiring a local presence through trustee addresses.
  • Automatic provisions for over 700 TLDs with the use of our DNS infrastructure. Registrant details in the WHOIS registry are checked for their accuracy.
  • You can select from DNS Anycast or Unicast, DNSSEC, Domain – 301/Forwarding (with https encryption).

Our own infrastructure

Complete DNS infrastructure including consultation on the use of safety devices such as DNSSEC, DNS-slave/hidden, IPv6 support, multiple ASN and all necessary recording types.