Schutz Von Onlinemarken

Online brand and intellectual property protection

Your secure service provider for management of dedicated digital and analog brands, logos and enterprise intellectual property.

We support businesses in their secure management of valuable digital and analog activities (brands, patents, copyrights, domains, DNS-infrastructure, SSLs).

Together with our partners we ensure that IP-portfolios are comprehensively protected by defensive or offensive measures to continue guaranteeing their value is retained over time. A complete IP service together with a secure domain portfolio and DNS management.

Inspections / Audits

Performing IP portfolio audits and scrutiny of IP-orientation of business strategy.


Strategic consultation throughout the IP-portfolio to ensure its profitableness for the online business and digitalization. Using the worked-out IP-strategy to protect the investment value and obtain long-term protection.


Sustainable and cost-effective securement of brands and investments through proactive security measures, such as with internet monitoring, to help enterprises avoid substantial damage online.